Energy healing for our world
Sanación energética para nuestro mundo

I'm off to who knows what?

Charlie Holles

Saturday, August 15, 2015


When I came home a couple of evenings back there were birds lining up in rows on the telegraph wires. Mid August is time for them to start thinking about heading off to sunnier climes in the south. Swallows normally like to nest quite high under the eaves of houses. Here on the marina where I live on my boat they nest down under the pontoons, barely two feet above the water line. It’s wonderful to watch them swooping low over the water to catch insects and then disappearing under the walkways to their little homes.

The last few days they have been starting to gather in rows along the pontoons as they ready themselves for the great trek south. They do it every year and they know where they are going but they have no idea to what they are going.

I feel much the same as the preparations for my visit to Argentina gather apace. I fly away 28th of this month. It is the beginning of an exciting new chapter I my life. I have really enjoyed the business I have built in the last few years; working as a horse healer; a speaker and radio broadcaster; a writer; a facilitator of healing workshops and mentor to a few folk who did me great honour by asking for some guidance in their life journey.

Early this year I experienced an epiphany. I understood that the way in which I now wish to serve my brothers and sisters around the world is in a very simple, hands-on way. I decided to spend the next few years working as a volunteer on aid projects in less developed countries. I have sold or given away all my worldly possessions and I will be going off with just what is in my rucksack. It is exciting, daunting and also very liberating.

My first stop is in Argentina where I shall be working on a project near Cordoba – ‘Equine facilitated healing with vulnerable youngsters’. It is done through therapeutic riding to help people with motor or mental disabilities, neurological disorders, Down’s syndrome, autism and other disabilities.

Well I have much experience in the equine assisted field. But to jet off to a country I have never visited, committing to several months away is a big adventure. I will also be working in Spanish, a language in which I am competent but it is not my mother tongue. What will come my way? Like the swallows I have no idea. All I know is that by closing doors behind me and leaving all the ‘props’ we usually have in life, completely unexpected things will happen. It will be a fantastic opportunity for new growth and I am looking forward to the challenges that await.

Watch this space for news over the next months and years.